Subjects facilitated over the years.


◦Stress awareness, from the point of view of personal needs, work related issues, social and self- identity.


◦Meditation, looking at different approaches not just the traditional yoga method of breath control        and integrating with the silence within.


◦The Enneagram and how your personality adopts 9 characteristics.


◦Assertiveness.  How we define our self in relation to the world and act in relation to others.


◦ Mindfulness, using simple tasks and meditation, inner dialoguing,The pause button, and history.


◦Listening skills.  The intimate act of deeply connecting and understanding others and self.


◦Loss and change.  Stages of loss through life, identity crisis in bereavement, and growth of the     evolving self.


◦Conflict and pain.  The complexity of the individual and growing through pains.


◦Depression and despair.  The stages and forming of depression and way through.


◦The healing force of love.  Different loves for different needs and the highest force within.


◦Death and dying.  Something we all have to face, and accept.


◦Emotional intelligence.  How we mature emotionally and become a well rounded individual.


◦Reflective development.  The process of integrity, and awareness.


◦Life’s paradoxes.  How opposites work. The spiritual aspect of counselling.


◦Pain management.  At various levels from the physical to the sense of self.


◦Coping strategies.  Dealing with tragedy and abuse, trauma and rejection.


* The spiritual journey in a material world.


* Emotional intelligence and the fight with the shadow


* Emotional Intelligence and self responsibility.


* Emotional intelligence and seeing from the eye in the heart


*   Emotional Intelligence and the difficulty of forgiveness







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