Classical YOGA


Group types....


1.  The Scout hall Talbot street Alderley Edge Thursday mornings for 1.5 hrs

9.45am and the later class includes all ages and the over 60ies at 11.30am. CP on site. Or 2hrs on Stamford street.


2. Langley Methodist church hall Monday afternoon 1,30pm-3.00pm


Continuing professional development:


◦ Individual sessions in yoga


◦ Individual sessions in meditation  


◦ Relaxation classes/ workplace yoga groups


◦ Support for back suffers


◦ Classes in classical yoga                     Teachers' training in Yoga

                                                               completed with Angela Farmer in the early 80ies





                        Yoga is a disipline of work with the mind and the body.


It uses shapes and postures, movement and holding the body in a balanced and conscious manner to enable the flow of energy to free up tension, and open up the flow of the body's natural life force.


As we work within the body using our awareness a sense of compassion for the physical body develops, in place of non awareness and a clumsy attitute towards taking our body for granted.


Yoga begins with inner listening, and focussing on what is actually happening as opposed to what we would like to happen. It is the means where by we can open to the truth of our physical level and how we actually relate to our self.


Listening enables us to become still within. When the mind is quiet anxiety lessens, and we become more centred, more real, and more who we are meant to be.


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