Group types


Continuing professional development:



◦ Therapists                                

◦ Health workers

◦ Princes trust

◦ Special needs

◦ General public university

◦ Back society

◦ Disaffected learners

◦ Counsellors


Wilmslow Guild on Emotional Intelligence for the public. Please contact the Guild for information.


 Also weekend workshop at The palace Hotel Buxton March 27th-28th 2021 on "An Introduction to Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence." Book through Wilmslow Guild.    01625.523903.

This will depend on the covid rules at the time.




*Loss and change                          * Spiritual development, and difficult deaths


*Stress management                      * Relational dynamics and issues.      


* Listening skills                               * Meditation/ yoga/relaxation  


* Assertiveness training                   * Pastrol care, and support for carers


* E.Q..emotional Intelligence           *  Art Therapy, and special needs.


* Confidence building                        * Coping with crisis/childhhood memories          


* Anger management                       * Level 2-3 in Counselling and Counselling skills


◦ Rape crisis

◦ Care/support workers

◦ Pastoral workers

◦ Specialist groups

◦ Private Companies

◦ Society for the blind

◦ FE/HE Colleges

* Wilmslow Guild

* Ministers group


Contact Marion Duff on 01625 528 650 or Complete the Contact Form


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